give the foodie in your life a balsamic/olive oil sampler.

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Whether you are welcoming new neighbors, celebrating a special occasion, seeking a business thank you or just because, we are able to customize any size basket or gift set to fit your budget.

We offer over 70+ oils and vinegars, plus a small pantry of specialty foods which includes condiments, pasta, risotto rice, salts, honey, and more. Some gift items are only available in-store.

ov harvest gourmet olives in jars on shelf and ov harvest glass bottles on shelf
OV Harvest balsamic vinegar sampler on wood background

balsamic vinegar

The Balsamic Sampler includes Traditional, Fig, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Tangerine & Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegars.

italian olive oil &
vinegar sampler

The Italian Sampler includes a fresh, seasonal medium intensity single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic Olive Oil, Tuscan Olive Oil, Sicilian Lemon Balsamic, Fig Balsamic & Traditional Balsamic.

OV Harvest Italian sampler on wood background
OV Harvest citrus sampler on wood background

citrus olive oil &
vinegar sampler

The Citrus Sampler includes Navel Orange Olive Oil, Portuguese Lemon Olive Oil, Persian Lime Olive Oil, Tangerine Balsamic, Pineapple Balsamic & Sicilian Lemon Balsamic.

Spice-A Licious
Olive Oil & Vinegar Sampler

The Spice-A Licious sampler includes Baklouti Green Chile Pepper Olive Oil, Cayenne Chile Pepper Olive Oil, Spicy Calabrian Pesto Olive Oil, Harissa Olive Oil, Serrano Honey Vinegar & Jalapeño White Balsamic Vinegar.

OV Harvest Spice-A Licious Olive Oil and Vinegar Sampler Gift Set
OV Harvest Spring Sampler Gift set

Spring olive oil &
vinegar sampler

The Spring Sampler includes Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Portuguese Lemon Olive Oil, Herbes de Provence Olive Oil, Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar, Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic Vinegar & Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar.

ov harvest gift certificate

OV Harvest
gift certificate

Give the gift of fresh and healthy Olive Oil and Vinegar to your loved ones. The OV Harvest Gift Certificate can be used for all our in-store products for in-person shopping.