photo of bottle of olive oil representing nocellara extra virgin olive oil

Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Medium Intensity

Our iconic Sicilian Nocellara del Belice from the Belice Valley displays a pleasant creamy mouth feel with sweet complex flavors punctuated by a peppery kick. This early harvest example was carefully crafted from pristine, green olives. Flavor characteristics include floral undertones and notes of creamy green almond. Lingering astringency and Szechuan peppercorn on the finish.

*Bio-phenols: 380.95 ppm
Oleic Acid: 72.85
DAGs: 96.4
FFA: 0.15
Peroxide: 5.19
*PPP: <0.6

Squalene: 8,601.1
A-Tocopherols: 197.4

Crush Date: November 2023
*As measured at the time of crush
Country of origin: Italy

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